Soko: Lumia could be a “game-changer” as permanganate alternative


“It’s time to change, it’s time to stop the old techniques of Denim fading!

Soko offers the turning point to the jeans fashion industry: LUMIA

Over the last 30 years or so, Denim garments industry was using dangerous products such as Potassium Permanganate and Hypochlorite to achieve fading effect and vintage looks.

Consequentially, in the last few years the researches made by several players for a substitute to those chemicals showed many alternatives in the market, mostly products based on oxidizing agents but also having many inconvenient (damaging the metal parts of the equipment used in the process, reducing the fabric tearing strength, requiring complicated procedure which include heating and the last but not the least, mostly harmful for the operators) therefore it was not a real solution.

That’s why in Soko we turned the page and we created LUMIA, a brand new concept with nothing in common with the previous techniques; not an up-grade, a Revolution.

LUMIA is not a substitute, it’s not an oxidizing agent, it’s not acid, doesn’t need heating to react; because LUMIA is not an alternative product, is an alternative Method performed in a totally different way!

LUMIA, is not generating reaction till it is activated by the Ozone; a unique and innovative concept.

It’s easy to control because it works in dry condition and it can be applied locally or full-body, highlighting details like laser or and used parts, or giving an over-all bleach effect once nebulized inside the machine; reaching great results both on blue indigo and sulfur black denims.

We are proud to say that we created what we consider a real innovation, that’s why Soko also filled an exhaustive Patent application.

Finally, nothing goes green without a proof, Lumia is certified GOTs, ZDHC Level 3 and ECO-PASSPORT by Oeko-tex.

What else? “