It is our revolutionary Vintage wash product that replace Pumice, Potassium Permanganate and Hypochlorite, to not be confused with the ones present on the market nowadays (based on oxidizing agents or strong acids)

It is not just a substitute but a completely different process; it is made in a radical different way if compared with conventional fading concept. Two steps: first application, then activation by Ozone in dry garment condition.

Beside the fading effect, Lumia enhance all details of the wash, practically replacing the effect made by pumice stones, creating nice contrasts and beautiful premium looks.

It is THE sustainable solution for brands and industry.

Discover DIAMOND, the new Lumia application


  • is not acid, so safer towards fabric strength and metal components of machinery
  • is not an oxidizing agent
  • single component product
  • doesn’t need heating to react
  • is activated by ozone
  • doesn’t need moisture for activation
  • is certified GOTS, OEKO-TEX and compliant with ZDHC Level 3

Lumia applications