About Us

About Us

Soko’s History

Based in Italy, one of the cradle of fashion, SOKO started the business three generations ago providing chemical auxiliaries for the textile industry.

At the end of last century, SOKO was already exporting in many foreign countries.

Now SOKO has a worldwide network and is represented in Asia, North Africa and Americas. It’s growth continues thanks to the passion and experience of the skilled team always striving for new solution.




Soko is a chemical Company & Research Lab based in Italy.

The constant research for sustainable and innovative solutions makes Soko one of the most active company in the sector of the chemical auxiliaries for the textile industry.

Reinvent fashion through new treatments.

Progetto “Soko Global”
Progetto co-finanziato dal POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

Fashion Concept

A customized service is dedicated to support our clients in the creation of their own collection, turning their ideas into a possible target. This is a part of the Service that Soko offers to the customers. A perfect combination of Technique and Italian Style. 1 cropped-cropped-logo-soko-2-2-e1633005059984.png